Mark C. Ortaleza

It was the first cool thing I purchased on my own — I still remember the excitement when I had finally saved enough money. At nine years old, I purchased not just any camera, a Ninja Turtle Camera…the perfect combination.

The fascination for photography has been there as far as I can remember. As a kid, I found it so cool to have a device that would let me capture and see my visual discoveries over and over again. It gave me a reason to look at my surroundings closer. It showed me the power of an image from the way people reacted to my pictures. Photography helped shape my childhood, but most importantly, it taught me to appreciate beauty.

Fast forward and I’m a digital designer for a large corporation. It took 7 unfulfilled years to realize that I have to love what I do everyday.

Wedding photography lets me live my passion and create beautiful imagery for others. My goal is to preserve the natural beauty of your wedding day. 

Based in Chicago and Los Angeles — available worldwide.